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Providing a truly holistic approach to retirement and estate preservation planning

Who we are

We provide information and direction to our clients, ensuring both financial stability and growth potential through our broad array of insurance and financial services and professionals.

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What we do

We truly offer a different approach to financial planning, both in philosophy, as well as execution. We understand financial market options can be confusing and often contradictory.

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Why us?

The most important thing we do at Affinity is to educate you, as our client. You make the ultimate decision when it comes to your financial future,

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Knowledge speaks but wisdom listens

Estate Planning is NOT just for the rich!

Be sure to attend one of our Lunch and Learns and you will be empowered to make wise financial choices about your future.
How to Structure Finances in Retirement
Protecting Your Assets from Nursing Homes
Trust vs. Wills
Properly Transferring Assets with Little or NO TAX
How Medicaid Works and Steps You Need to Take NOW to Protect Your Family

These seminars are for educational purposes only. Information given in the seminars may not be used as legal, financial or tax advice. By attending any of these seminars you give the speaker(s) permission to share their opinion. The company assigns the speaker(s) and pays for the seminar. For professional recommendations seek the advice of a licensed attorney, financial advisory or tax professional.

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