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Our clients appreciate our Client-Centric Approach, which places them at the center of everything we do.

forbes_artUnique Client-Centric Approach and Expert Network Help Clients Enjoy ‘Complete Benefits of Ownership’

Neil Armstrong may have been the first man to set foot on the moon, but he didn’t do it alone. It took a team of scientists, engineers, aviators, and many other experts, all working together, to ensure a successful mission.

In fact, behind almost every great achievement you’ll find a team of experts, and a successful retirement is no exception. In Robert Hall’s experience, it takes an expert network of financial, legal, and tax professionals, all focused on the client’s needs, to create a solid retirement and estate plan.

Hall, a Certified Retirement Financial Advisor, is the managing member and founder of Affinity Advisory Network, LLC, the only full-service investment, insurance, and estate preservation firm of its kind in Northeast Ohio. He is also chief executive officer of Power Investment Management Services, an industry-leading private placement firm offering a completely liquid investment that typically outpaces the market (Accredited Investors Only).

“At Affinity, we have an entire team in place to ensure our clients get the absolute best advice all the time,” Hall says. “We are unique because of our expert network.”

According to Hall, a client could walk into one of Affinity’s offices or affiliates and talk to a certified retirement financial advisor, a certified financial planner, a certified estate and trust specialist, a health insurance agent, a life insurance agent, a P&C agent, a broker, a money manager, a futures trader, an estate planning attorney, a real estate attorney, a business attorney, a CPA, an accountant or tax preparer, and many other professionals.

When Hall started Affinity, it was with one simple vision: to provide sound investment strategies and reasonable returns. The firm grew quickly and continues to attract new business on a daily basis.

“Our clients appreciate our client-centric approach, which places them at the center of everything we do,” Hall says. “Every plan is customized, based on their unique circumstances, and we work to deliver Complete Benefits of Ownership, or CBO, to every family we work with, protecting and growing their estate while avoiding potential liabilities.”

This means helping clients safeguard their estates from taxes, lawsuits, and long-term care expenses; helping them choose the right insurance plans for their specific needs; helping them preserve their assets while remaining eligible for various state and federal benefits; helping them develop a business pension and succession plan if necessary; and, most important, helping them direct their assets to low- or no-risk investments that deliver substantial returns.

“We don’t allow our clients to take unnecessary risks with their money,” Hall says. “We show them how to gain upside potential without the downside losses.”

An Independent Fiduciary for Each Client

Affinity Advisory Network gives each of its estate planning clients the option to have an independent fiduciary.