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What others are saying about us.

I found out how informative and how well he knew this business and I was highly impressed with Robert, and that’s the truth.

Phillip R., N. Canton

We went shopping around and looked for a company that could offer us all the benefits all in one package, which we found here at Affinity Advisory Network. My mom is a very skeptical individual, and she insisted on meeting with other professionals before coming to the realization that this is where they both felt comfortable.

Michael V., Akron

I really knew if he didn’t help me that I’d probably lose most of my money for taking care of Carl, and Carl was my most important person. Between Sterling House sending me here and meeting with Robert, actually I can say that I saved at least 90% of our money that would have gone right to the nursing home

Shirley G., North Canton

Affinity Advisors met with us over the period of about two and a half months at different intervals, explaining each step as they went, so that we understood it, so that we had time to digest it before they went on to the next step, which enabled us to get a real grip on what they were doing for us.

Ted and Linda A., Massillon

Affinity Advisory Network has changed my life! I’m more relaxed now. To me, Affinity really makes me feel comfortable and confident, and I don’t have to worry about my finances like I did before. I’m just more at ease and I sleep better at night.

Nick and Barb V., Strongsville