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Affinity Pension & Retirement Services can work with small business owners and entrepreneurs to create opportunities.

At Affinity our pension experts can work with small business owners and entrepreneurs to create the opportunity to hyper inflate their retirement savings while reducing corporate taxes and adding to their personal tax deductions.

With the new legislation and tax law changes it is important for anyone who is planning for retirement to educate themselves around what their available options are and how they can position themselves to take advantage of these opportunities.

When is the last time you thought about your retirement? We ask questions like how old will I be when I retire, how much money will I need to retire and will I out live my retirement savings? These are all questions that we all ask ourselves and yet rarely ever find the answers to. At Affinity, we strive to help you find those answers. Better yet, we strive to help you solve problems that these questions may generate. Within our network we have the professionals in place to take care of all of your retirement needs such as Certified Retirement Financial Advisors, Attorneys, Pension Experts and Registered Investment Advisors.

How great would it be to not have to worry about your retirement funds and whether or not they will be there when the time comes or whether you will outlive them? We work most of our lives to provide a better opportunity for ourselves and our families. We do this for most of our life with the anticipation that one day we will have the time, and just as important the money, to enjoy our retirement years. As many of us are finding out the hard way; our dreams don’t always coincide with our reality. Some of us have to work longer than expected, or even work a part-time job during retirement in order to keep up with our current standard of living. Others have realized that bad investment choices or some other catastrophic event has derailed our retirement plans. Imagine being that small business owner who has worked hard most of their life but they were so busy running a business they fall short in the planning process. Regardless of what or how it has happened, the opportunity to get back on track is available to anyone who wants to retire their own way.

Already have a plan? Fantastic, let us take a look at it and make sure it is the right plan for you, that it meets your goals, that you are not paying too much in fees and that it is being properly administrated. Keep in mind that the tools you used when you started to save for retirement are not the same tools you want to be using when you are approaching retirement age. We offer a free look on new plans and a free review on existing plans by our pension planning and administration experts.