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Affinity Legal Services – It’s a fact; we live in a very complex world during complex times. As we grow older, our lives grow more complicated.

We worry about our health, medical care, where and how we are going to live. We worry about who will help us when we need assistance, how we will be able to pay for everything, and if and how we can pass something on to our children. Now more than ever, planning for the future is critical.

Most Affinity Advisory Network clients need legal help as they plan for their futures. Please keep in mind that Affinity Advisory Network is not a Law Firm.  We work with a network of experienced attorneys in private practice to assist our clients and help them achieve their goals. Our attorneys have knowledge, skill, years of experience and can serve our clients wherever they live.

When an attorney in our network works with a family, the attorney takes the time to get to know the family and understand their needs and goals. With approval from the client, the attorney speaks with the other professionals within the Affinity Advisory Network. This is to better understand the totality of the circumstances, and help the family map out and implement the plan.

It is important to understand that in this process the attorney represents the family. The attorney does not represent the Affinity Advisory Network. The family is free to use any lawyer of its choosing. Families with long-standing relationships with attorneys frequently decide to seek their counsel. We are happy to work with the families’ attorneys in those situations.

A little known but important benefit for veterans and their dependents as they grow older is the Veterans Administration Aid & Attendance program. This benefit is a non-service-connected disability pension that can provide important financial help to veterans and their dependents who need care and have trouble paying for it.

Attorneys and Other Affinity Advisory Network Providers

Attorneys in our network provide legal advice, assistance, and document preparation services to Affinity clients. Other members of the Affinity Advisory Network provide financial planning, investment, insurance, accounting, tax, and lending services to our clients.

Our network attorneys do not provide, and are not responsible for, the services that other Affinity servicers furnish clients. The other Affinity servicers do not provide, and are not responsible for, the legal services that the attorneys render to clients.

From time to time our Affinity Advisory Network attorneys may perform legal services for us or for other Affinity servicers, the servicers’ owners, or other businesses that the owners also own. The attorneys never represent an Affinity client and another Affinity servicer on the engagement for the client. The engagement agreement that the attorneys enter into with Affinity clients acknowledge that the attorneys sometimes perform legal services for the other servicers.

Affinity Advisory Network attorneys routinely present public seminars with Affinity Insurance and Financial Services, another Affinity provider. Both providers share the out-of-pocket costs of those seminars.