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At Affinity Insurance and Financial Services, we believe that educating you as the client remains priority #1.

Our goal is to collectively determine which financial path makes the most sense for you and your family, and also which steps are necessary to achieve your goals.

From the desk of Robert Hall

Fixed Income Planning is not what you think it is!

An important part of your retirement planning with upside potential with no downside risk.

Every individual is different; therefore every individual’s financial roadmap will be different. Here at Affinity, we have access to over 50 different financial providers, many of whom are the top and longest standing insurance and financial companies in the world; and all with specialized products designed to meet those needs of various individuals. Our objective is to help clarify those needs and make professional recommendations as to the best course of action for each and every client.

We work our entire lives to provide a better opportunity for ourselves and our families. We do this for 30 or 40+ years with the anticipation of finally having the time, and just as important the money, to enjoy our retirement years. However, as many of us are finding out the hard way; our dreams don’t always coincide with our reality. Some of us have to work an extra 5-10 years, or even work a part-time job during retirement in order to keep up with our current standard of living. Others have realized that bad investment choices or some other catastrophic event has derailed their retirement plans. Regardless of what or how it has happened, the opportunity to get back on track is available to anyone who wants to be successful in retirement.

Risk can occur during the accumulation phase of your financial life, not the preservation phase. During this stage there can be rapid and significant prosperity, but also allows for the possibility of loss. To a younger investor with plenty of time to potentially recoup these losses, this is a necessary evil. But for a retiree or someone heading into retirement; risking everything you’ve worked for your entire life… that’s NOT a viable option. At Affinity Insurance and Financial Services, our advisors will show you how to protect your life savings, while growing it and collecting practical income all at the same time. We will show you how to protect against the nursing home spend down and the possibility of long-term care. We will even show you how to protect your legacy, making sure your family is secure for generations to come.