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Affinity Home Equity Solutions, LLC was designed to preserve and enhance the equity of the homes that many of our clients have established throughout the years.

We serve a wide variety of clients ranging from those buying their first homes to others having lived in the same house for half a century or more.

Some people are interested in more income or paying off debts, while others are concerned about protecting their assets and positioning themselves to qualify for various government programs. Regardless of what the actual end goal in mind is, Affinity Home Equity Solutions has the knowledgeable and reputable professionals in place to help guide you through this often overlooked, yet extremely important piece of the financial puzzle.

One of the major benefits Affinity Home Equity Solutions can provide within an estate plan is a HECM, or Home Equity Conversion Mortgage. While a loan, a HECM can actually increase the amount of an estate to either be protected or passed on to the next generation if planned properly. It can also eliminate current mortgage payments giving you increased liquidity and cash flow, as well as provide additional income, and ultimately protect your home. It allows you to tap into the equity that you have built in your home over the years and receive cash to use as you choose. Through the life of the HECM you will continue to own and live in your home. Whether you are looking to eliminate a current mortgage payment, provide additional income, or protect your home; our professionals can help you decide if a HECM is right for you.

Barbara Cripple
HECM Specialist

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