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The Founder, Robert Hall

Affinity Advisory Network LLC was established by its founder and President Robert Hall in 2008. However, the groundwork for the company was laid at a much earlier date. Robert Hall from Canton, OH, got his start in the insurance industry with Shenandoah Life right out of school, and quickly parlayed his early success to become the owner of the largest insurance agency in the country for Shenandoah, before he was 23 years old. His agency was responsible for millions of dollars of insurance premiums annually, while simultaneously starting a side company that would become one of the premier electronic billing companies in the eastern US. Soon Robert saw an opportunity in the market for a locally based full-service estate planning company that could incorporate every facet of financial health, all under one roof. The strength of the new company would be the ability to service every type of client big or small, regardless of the service each individual client would need. Since its inception, Robert successfully doubled company revenue every year of its existence, along with being recognized for numerous outstanding achievements in estate and retirement planning.

Robert has traveled the country as one of the top financial professionals in the business today. He saw an opportunity to create a financial network with the potential to revolutionize the financial industry, by creating a “one-stop shop” that would be designed to protect and preserve, as well as accumulate assets. Today, Affinity Advisory Network is a country-wide firm offering the most robust estate planning opportunities available in the industry. Once again, the company is ahead of pace to double its revenue and a vision has been created with a singular goal in mind… total financial health under one roof.